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Beautiloco Skin & Body Centre is the best Beauty Salon in Redlynch, and we’re ready to bring out your good looks. Whether you’re hoping to get ready for a night out on the town or want to look great for that upcoming event, we’ve totally got you covered from head to toe. Stop by our Beauty Salon and check out what our staff of professional experts have to offer!

Clinical diamond microdermabrasion

This skin treatment will refine the outer layer of the skin while encouraging new cell regeneration. It will effectively brighten your skin instantly while effectively treating sun damage, scarring, skin discolorations, open pores, rough texture and fine lines. Microdermabrasion will also promote oxygen in the skin, encouraging your skin to produce more collagen naturally. We use personalised Dermalogica products for every Clinical Microdermabrasion treatment. For best results, generally a series of six treatments is recommended on a bi-weekly basis. However, your skin therapist will assess your skin and recommend a personalised treatment plan for you.

Express clinic microdermabrasion | 30 minutes | $80

Clinical microdermabrasion | includes vitamin masque & relaxing head, hand, shoulder massage | 60 minutes | $135


Add on face, neck and décolletage to clinical microdermabrasion | 60 minutes | $150


Microdermabrasion series: Purchase 5 clinical diamond microdermabrasion treatments and receive the 6th treatment free.

We offer many more services than what you see here. Contact us today to see how we can begin to craft your personalized beauty regimen.

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