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Spray Tanning

Bronzed, sun-kissed skin. Yes! Do it all without the damage from the UV rays or chances of skin burn with our spray tanning services. The Beauty Base uses products that give you even tan throughout without and orange undertones. Our spray tanning service offers multiple shades of tan to choose from with varying longevity depending on your requirements.


Clients instantly love how our spray tan feels on their skin and of course the fabulous, deeper instant colour.


Our tan is available in a violet or brown base each delivers the same fantastic performance with the brown base suiting skin with neutral or darker undertones and violet for those wanting to counteract a yellow undertone, or a very fair client.  Whether you would like a light, medium to dark shade, we have the perfect tan, and will assist you in your choice.


Is Spray Tanning Safe?


Yes. Spray tans are relatively safer than tanning in the sun or a tanning bed. This method does not expose the individual to UV rays and prevents the risk of skin cancer. However, spray tanning is a relatively new concept, and the scientific community is yet to form a solid opinion about the safety of spray tans.

Confused if this process will work for you? Read on to find out.



  • Shave or wax 24 - 48 hours before your appointment.

  • Shower and Exfoliate before you arrive for your appointment, ensure no product residue is on your skin.

  • Do not apply any deodorant or products after you shower.

  • Wear loose fitting - dark coloured clothing to avoid disturbing the tan after the application.


  • Shower after 2 hours if using the 2 Hour Tan, or would like a lighter shade tan. When showering, we recommend to rinse with tepid water, no soap and pat dry do not rub your skin when drying. 

  • If you want a deeper colour, you can shower after 4 hours, for an even deeper shade, you can leave it on for 6 hours.


  • Moisturise your entire body after every shower (while you skin is still damp).

  • Do not exfoliate for the duration of your tan.

  • Avoid swimming for extended periods.

  • Use gentle shower products and pat dry after you shower.

  • We have the full range of aftercare products to help you with prolonging your spray tan.


NOTE: Anything you do which acts to increase your skins rate of exfoliation, will reduce the life of your tan.


We offer many more services than what you see here. Contact us today to see how we can begin to craft your personalized beauty regimen.

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